Accounts are compiled by the Responsible Financial Officer (the clerk) during the year which closes on March 31st. See below.  External Auditors are contracted for 4/5 years. Until 2017 Mazars LLP were in place. In April 2018 PKF Littlejohn LLP took over. The Internal Auditor is Mr B Burgess. VAT is claimed regularly.


Accounts for year ending 31.03.2019

PFK Littlejohn Return 31.03.2019

Fixed Assets 2019

Variances 2019


Accounts for Year ending 31.03.2018

PKF Littlejohn Return 31.03.2018

Fixed Assets 2018


Accounts for Year ending 31.03.2017

  • Sheet 1 Purchases
  • Sheet 2 Receipts, Bank Reconciliation and External Auditor’s figures

Mazar’s Return to 31.03.2017

Fixed Assets 2017